Founded in Bondi Beach Australia, Banjo & Matilda launched its first knitwear collection in 2008 with three cashmere styles and a mission to take the Australian beach-lifestyle to the world—in a sweater.

Founders Belynda and Ben Macpherson wanted to create sweaters that were not only discreetly luxurious, but that captured the freedom of their lifestyle by the beach—the freshness of the ocean, warmth of the sand, and soulfulness of the surf—in a range of knitwear made with supreme quality and integrity.  The result being sweaters spun from the most premium of natural yarns such as fine cashmere, silk and organic cotton but supporting the opposite of ‘fast-fashion’ in sustainability, longevity, endurance and lovability.

Banjo & Matilda is an Australian premium lifestyle brand, famous for our contemporary women’s cashmere.

Known globally for their fun statement sweaters and luxe cashmere basics, Banjo & Matilda’s team work, from their design studios in Sydney, producing new knitwear collections each season while shipping their products everywhere from New York to New Delhi. Now stocked in retailers we all love such as Shopbop, Harvey Nichols London, Neiman Marcus, Intermix New York, David Jones Australia and major department stores in Germany and the Middle East, Banjo & Matilda continues to grow around the world and we have new friends join the Banjo bandwagon by the day.

Big on quality and small on pretense, Banjo & Matilda cashmere sweaters are spun with natural and ethically sourced yarns from goats in the highest mountains of Inner Mongolia, putting a little bespoke ‘love’ into each garment with their signature XX logo hand-stitched into each right-hand corner.

Cashmere: Just like a long-term relationship, if you care for it and show it love, your garment will love you right back.

Cashmere is very, very intensive to produce; hence it’s status as one of the most luxurious fibres to wear. Spun from the fine, soft undercoat of small goats in Mongolia, it’s estimated that on average each animal produces only 150 grams per year.

Cashmere Laundering

The do’s and don’ts for taking care of your garment

or give it to your mum, she knows what to do.

  • It's a bit of a misnomer that you can only dry clean your cashmere- in most cases, you’re actually better to hand or (delicate) machine wash it yourself. However some garments with certain trims, like leather or wooden buttons for example, are best to be dry cleaned as per the care label.
  • Whenever possible, opt to air out our cashmere over washing it. Otherwise, pop the garment in your washing machine using cold water on the most delicate cycle. Cashmere shampoos are the ideal detergent - we like Cote Noire’s formula (which is also biodegradable) and it’s money well spent to ensure longevity of your garment.
  • Pilling is normal for new cashmere; so don’t worry if some accumulates (often under the arms or where you carry your handbag). Using a razor, very lightly run it along the affected areas and then just shake them out.
  • If you wash your cashmere regularly like this, you can expect it to soften even more and it will love you forever.

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