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Agents of Change.
Organic Avenue cold pressed juices recently launched their beautiful first store in Five Ways Paddington with the plan to create a space that was warm and inspiring, a place where people could come for vital nutrients as well as information and health products. A wellness hub if you like. 
"We've taken cold pressed juices to the next level. An organic approach is our way; 100% raw, no harmful chemicals, toxins, preservatives or pesticides. We have worked hard to source the best quality, locally produced ingredients from organic farmers across Australia" says Organic Avenue's General Manager Melanie Lechte. 
The Organic Avenue team has gone to great lengths to create 27 nutritionally powerful juice and liquid combinations of everyday fresh ingredients as well as recognised superfoods. Their on-staff nutritionist collaborated with the team to create nutritionally potent and specific formulations, believing cold pressed juices can play an important role in health and wellbeing. Along with delicious juices they are also offering six convenient 'grab and go' seasonally based nourishing salads that are prepared daily for the store. 
Here we chat with General Manager Melanie Lechte to understand the cold pressed juicing process and benefits, her favourites, a little background on her day to day, beauty rituals and generally what makes her tick.. xx
WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START ORGANIC AVENUE? After my own health crisis when working for Disney, I had to change my diet & life completely to nourish my body back to health. This meant introducing a green juice daily. Two years on,  I haven’t been sick since at all ! So I set off on a mission to make juice and healthy food options more accessible in Australia.
WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE ORGANIC AVENUE JUICES? I always reach for a “Field of Greens” as it’s so fresh and minty and so good for you ! I also love the Citron Noir as it’s great detoxifer.
WHY ARE COLD PRESSED DIFFERENT TO NORMAL JUICES? The cold pressing process is the most nutrient dense way to juice. When you press the juice, you maintain the integrity of the cells within the ingredient. You also take in way wore nutrients as it takes so much kale, spinach etc to extract the liquid ! You lose the fibre but you get a massive nutrient hit. 
WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF JUICE CLEANSING? As human beings, we are meant to go without food and allow our digestion to take a rest. We are so conditioned to eat three meals a day but our bodies are always working so hard to process it all. By giving your digestion a rest and eliminating all the harmful toxins in some of the food we eat, you can effectively re-boot your system. The benefits include more energy, clearer skin, better digestion amongst many ! 
MY DAILY BEAUTY RITUAL? It’s simple… Sleep well, drink loads of water, eat as much raw and unprocessed food and include some form of exercise and meditation. Beauty radiates from the inside out so it’s a holistic approach!
HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? Minimalistic… I love basic classics. I tend to go for black, white and grey. 
BIGGEST FASHION SPLURGE? Just bought a hot pair of Rag and Bone boots !
I FEEL HAPPIEST WHEN? When I am with my children, laughing
WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE SYDNEY/BONDI RESTAURANT? Da Orazio for sure. Love simple but stunning Italian
MY PERFECT  MEAL/ DISH? Lobster risotto from Da Orazio !!
I'M CREATIVELY INSPIRED BY?  By so many…. I am constantly curious. For fashion, Carloline de Maigret (How to be Parisian) and quite a few the industry I am in, Elle Macpherson is creating great product in the wellness space.  Jamie Oliver is a big game changer too … I’m obsessed !
BEST ADVICE I'VE EVER RECEIVED? The only thing stopping you is yourself
AUTHOR OR BOOK I LOVE? "Thrive" by Ariana Huffington. If every CEO could read this…
MY ULTIMATE DAY WOULD BEAt a warm beach somewhere with my children, some friends and my dog. There would be amazing food (and some juice) and there would be laughter, surfing and some fun !
TYPE OF EXERCISE I DO MOST I love running and warm yoga. 
FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD? France.. Probably Biarritz - the food, the wine and you can surf there too 
  1. Do not worry about what others think or say about you, it really doesn’t matter
  2. Love deeply and don’t be afraid to show it
  3. Treat people and animals with respect and it will come right back
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