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Banjo & Matilda x The Downtime Agenda
In this day and age, "I'm too busy" seems to be a common phrase thrown around on a daily basis. With a plethora of multi-taskers, everyone tries to make the most of their 24 hours a day whether its work, errands, children, exercise or even doggy play dates. Our world seems to revolve on a constant schedule and as a result, we tend to overlook the most important part of life: us. 
This was the key reason that Julie Haslam founded The Downtime Agenda - with the aim to encourage and enable us to actually take the time for ourselves; instead of just hoping to. She recognised that her value to those close to her was directly affected by the amount of time she committed to her own well being. 
We recently had the honour of having some of Banjo & Matilda cashmere pieces photographed by their team - because nothing says relaxation more than cosying up in some cashmere. 
Speakeasy Cable
The Downtime Agenda is a platform created to provide tools and inspiration to maximise relaxation and valuable downtime. It offers a variety of beautiful products ranging from candles, blankets, incense to well-deserved experiences such as massages or spa packages to indulge yourself (or someone else) in. Bespoke gifting is also available as well as gift cards to allow a loved one to have their own pick of something special. Our top picks from the Downtime Agenda is their "Get Cosy" Gift Pack and their Matka Tea Infuser Flask for hot drinks on the go. See their full range here
Beach Pants
sloppy jojo
Julie and her team believe that there is no greater gift than a simple moment of downtime - a moment of rest, relaxation and contemplation. And we couldn't agree more. 
Take some time for yourself - to rest, to relax, or encourage someone you know to do the same. xx

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