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For general information on shipping and order tracking, please visit our Shipping & Order Tracking page here

To check the status of your order, please enter your details into our Tracking link here. Alternatively, please click on the link in your shipment confirmation email which will take you directly to the website of the courier your package has been sent with to see its exact status. 

Unfortunately we do not ship to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers as we use a few different courier services. Our team will contact you if you have accidentally entered a PO Box address. 

We can select Authority To Leave when shipping your order so if this is your preference, please include a note in your order or email us on to let us know. 

Ensure that you have copied and pasted the tracking number from your shipment confirmation email into the courier website tracking link. If it still doesn't work, talk to us on Live Chat or email us on and we'll fix it up for you. Don't worry!

During sale periods, we may experience a very high volume of sales which might cause your order to take longer than normal to be shipped out. However not to worry, we haven't forgotten or lost it and will be sure to have it on its way to you as soon as possible!

We have two warehouses - one in Australia and another in the US. Depending on stock availability, we will always prioritise your shipment to come from Australia. However it may happen that your order will come from our US warehouse as well. 

If you have ordered more than one item, it might be the case that some are coming from our Australian warehouse and others from our US warehouse. This may mean that some will arrive before the others, but do not worry - the rest will be on its way shortly! Email us if you have any questions. 

Oh no! So sorry about that. We ship all our orders DDP which means that you shouldn't have to pay any additional duties or taxes when your order arrives. If you've received an invoice, please contact us immediately on Live Chat or email and we can resolve this for you straightaway. 

We do ship out with our beautiful blue branded boxes. However sometimes our warehouse may run out of these and to ensure your order is shipped in a timely manner, we ship them out securely in a different packaging. 

So sorry about this! On the rare occassion our warehouse might have accidentally sent you the wrong order or item. If this happens, please let us know immediately and we'll rectify it for you. If your item is faulty - do the same thing. We promise it rarely happens!

Prices are in USD for our global customers but if you're based in Australia, it should definitely be showing in AUD! If this isn't the case, just double check that you're in the correct region on the website. This is on the top left corner of your screen - if it is showing "Worldwide", just click on it and select "Australia". 

Some card issuers or financial institutions may charge a transaction fee when purchasing online. However feel free to send us a screenshot should this occur and we would be more than happy to refund the amount for you. 

Some customers have issues logging into Afterpay at checkout. We're not 100% sure of the issue, but are working with Afterpay to rectify this. If this happens, please contact us immediately so our team can put through a manual Lay By for you and you won't miss out on the sweater you want!

Only one discount code can be used per transaction. 

Free shipping is only valid on orders for $300 or over AFTER the discount has been applied. Unfortunately we cannot provide a refund on shipping if your order falls just under $300 after your discount has been applied. 

Yes it is absolutely safe to order online. We use a payment service called eWay which utilises industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of potentially sensitive information such as your name, address and other critically sensitive information like your credit card details. Information passed between your computer and our website cannot be read in the event someone else intercepts it.

Please check the following in this case:

  • Make sure you enter the security code correctly – that’s the three digit number on the back of your card
  • Your card issuer may have declined your payment – as they don’t tell us the reason for this, it’s best to check with them.
  • If you’ve checked all of the above, try paying with another card.

If you’ve tried all these and are still having problems, please contact with as many details as you can about the issue including any error messages and we’ll try to resolve it as soon as we can.

Unfortunately we don't offer a price guarantee and cannot provide a partial refund for an item that's gone on sale after you've purchased it. 

We do only produce a small quantity of each style to ensure our items remain exclusive for our customers. Make sure you sign up to be notified if it comes back in stock, check our emails regularly and stay tuned to our social media channels for updates! Please have a chat to us on our live chat online from 9am-5pm AEST or email us at for any specific inquiries.

All of our models wear a size Small or S/M, but the styles may vary in fit or cut for a different style. Please refer to our size guide and if you need some advice or information on a style or cut, please contact

For specific measurements, please chat to us on Live Chat or email us on

Each sweater may have a different fit, and everyone likes to wear their sweaters differently. Follow our styling/size advice on the product description for guidance, refer to our size guide or chat to our amazing team for more advice!

Our yarn is sourced from the highest regions of Mongolia and then spun in mills in Europe. Our sweaters are then produced in small specialist factories which employ the most sophisticated and skilled craftsperson techniques available. These factories are mainly in China and are factories we've been working with for many years which is why the premium quality of our sweaters is consistent. They're like family!

Yes! All our orders come packaged in branded boxes (for full priced items), or wrapped in tissue and stickers for sale items. If you'd like your sale item to be gift wrapped, be sure to let us know via email. 

Oh no! Please contact us on Live Chat or email as soon as possible to let us know and we can try to rectify this for you. Please note that we cannot assure the availability of stock.

IIf you have ordered a full priced item, please contact us immediately and we can try to cancel your order before it gets shipped out. If it is already on its way to you, unfortunately we will have to wait for it be delivered, returned and then refunded. If your order is for a sale item, unfortunately we can't cancel your order as these items are final sale. 

Double check (on the email you received) that your discount code hasn't expired or hasn't been used. Please note that discount codes can usually only be used on full priced items - unless its a code that has no exclusions. If you're still having issues, please contact us and we'll be able to help. 

Email or chat to us on Live Chat and we'll hunt it down for you!

Login to your account and then click ‘View Addresses’ you can edit all stored details here.

If you are having trouble logging into your account, try the ‘Forgotten Password’ prompt. If it does not recognise your email address, please contact us at and we can help you out.

In your checkout, there will be an option within your Order Summary which says "Have a discount code? Click here to enter it". This is where you can enter your discount code.

Email or chat to us and we'll help you. 

For general information and to process a return, please visit our Returns page here. 

Returns are completely easy and free! Lodge your return here or contact our team to help. 

Unfortunately we don't provide exchanges, only refunds or gift vouchers. If you would like to exchange your item for something else, please return your item and use your refund to purchase your preferred item. 

Please note that we don't refund the initial shipping costs, and we will only refund the amount that was paid for the item. If there is another issue, please contact us immediately. 

Please allow 3-5 working days for your refund to show up on your credit card or in your bank account. If it has been over a week, please contact us. 

ParcelPoint is a trackable returns service. ParcelPoint offers over 800+ locations across Australia, in convenience store, pharmacies and news agencies which are open 7 days and opens till late for your convenience.

We don't mind as long as your garment is packed safely and securely to ensure it isn't damaged in transit. We always suggest to pack it back into the box you received and send it back but if you'd like to keep the box, a different box or secure waterproof satchel with bubblewrap is sufficient. 

We'll notify you once our team has received your return and will then process your requested refund. Keep an eye on your tracking to see where it is as sometimes it can take longer than expected to be delivered. 

If the sale is over, unfortunately we can't provide the item at the same price as the previous one you purchased. Our items sell very quickly and it wouldn't be fair to all our customers. 

For general information on our cashmere and how to care for your cashmere, visit Our Cashmere page here. 

While the Cashmere fiber is believed to have been used for thousands of years, it was more widely used in the 18th century.  Historically reserved for aristocracy, royalty and the wealthiest elite, cashmere is without a doubt the finest and most luxurious yarn in the world. It comes from the extremely fine and long hairs from the underbelly of goats, located in extremely high altitude mountains where the temperature is very cold; most commonly in the mountain ranges of Mongolia. As these goats traversed the mountain side and rubbed the rocks with their underbelly, long, extremely fine (and therefore extremely soft) fibers were left on the rocks. These fibers where then collected, transported to mostly European destinations such as France, combed, carefully cleaned, spun and dyed to create the most extravagant shawls. The cost of these shawls in todays monetary terms would be hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Cashmere is fine in texture, strong, light, soft, and approximately 15 microns in diameter - 15/1000mm.   It is a sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, and a natural fiber with excellent performance characteristics. Because cashmere is lightweight, soft to the touch, breathable, odour resistant, flame resistant, can repel water, and can absorb UV radiation, cashmere is ideally suited to make the perfect sweater. Cashmere is nature’s finest insulation fiber: providing warmth in cold conditions, but can also keep you cool in warmer conditions.  All this makes cashmere (in our opinion) the ultimate yarn to produce the most sustainable, life time lasting, and beautiful garments (to wear and touch).

ven the finest and most luxurious cashmere garments still may shed.  Shedding or "pilling" of a cashmere or wool sweater is not necessarily a sign of its quality.  Shedding is usually caused as a result of friction while wearing your garment, which is why the most common areas for shedding are under the arm, bust, and hip. All cashmere and wool yarns will shed to some extent, but the degree to which a sweater sheds is caused by a number of factors. These factors include the dying process, length and thickness of the fiber, and tightness of the knit. Tighter knit sweaters and lighter yarns tend to shed less. However lighter weight and looser knits are incredibly versatile and amazing to wear. This is why we design with lightweight and heavier garments.

If your garment sheds, it can typically be easily removed. Once removed, it is not likely to shed again. This is why we call this shedding; it is usually a one off occurrence which removes the excess fibers to leave the strong worsted yarn. 

To remove the shedded fibers, we recommend a special pilling comb. Gently brush your garment using the comb across the top of the pilling area.  Knitwear is very durable - especially cashmere - and it can withstand a fairly aggressive comb if you are careful. Once you brush away this initial pilling, it typically won’t come back.  We also recommend dry cleaning if you have the time.  

If you can't find a cashmere comb, you can purchase battery operated de-pillers which are also fantastic but may be more pricey. Alternatively, you can use a very fine shaving razor or thread clippers - but be very careful!

We recommend handwashing all your cashmere in cold water with care. Use a high quality cashmere or wool wash - we recommend The Laundress which can be purchased here. Wring your cashmere gently to remove excess water or with a towel, and dry flat in the shade. Please do not use a normal fabric softener as this can damage the yarns in your cashmere and hanging your sweater will cause it to dry out of shape. If you have a good trustworthy drycleaner, you can always take it to them! If cared for correctly, your sweaters can last you generations.

Oh no! Stains are the worst! Depending on the cause of the stain, you can try a few things to remove it. Treat the stain as quickly as possible to avoid it setting into the yarns.

  • Using baby wipes to gently rub the stain away.
  • Using a gentle formula of hand or body soap with water on a cloth to rub the stain. 
  • Make a very small mixture of stain remover and water and test it on the stain. 
  • Dampen the stain and place some cornflour or talcum powder on it. Leave overnight then try to wash the garment. 
  • Do NOT use any bleach. 

Our cashmere garments are durable to wear but due to the nature of the fabric, is still delicate and needs to be handled with care. Holes can come about if you've rubbed against something rough for an extended period of time or accidentally snagged your garment on something which you may not have noticed. The yarns are woven so closely together that sometimes you may not notice if it catches on something - even a jagged nail or a wooden chair. If this happens, your local tailor should be able to fix this for you (if the hole is small) but otherwise, it is often difficult to mend. 

Due to the nature of the fabric, all knitwear does have a little give in it. Cashmere garments will give a little in areas with prolonged force or pressure such as the knees or elbows. However our cashmere yarns don't stretch a noticeable amount. 

At this stage we only have very limited stockists across Australia and the world. Please contact us for specific stockists. 

Absolutely! Come visit us at our flagship store in Sydney, Australia. 

76 William Street
Paddington NSW 2021
Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm.

Please email

Please email

As a rapidly growing company, we are always keeping an eye out for fresh talent, including fashion interns. Your resume and cover letter can be sent to - we will be in contact if we have a suitable opening.

We're a global brand and our team work all across the world - the power of technology! However our head office is based in Sydney, Australia -

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