The Thread // 5 Reasons To Fall In Love (With Cashmere) Posted on 2 Aug 23:51 , 0 comments

Everyone asks what makes cashmere so special, why it's considered a "luxury" and why for the most part, it can be expensive to purchase. 
Cashmere is extremely intensive to produce; right from shearing the undercoats goats which live in the highest mountains of Mongolia, to skilled artisans spinning the yarn into the sweaters we have today. Here at Banjo & Matilda we believe in Heirloom Quality - working only with family owned mills and factories who produce our sweaters with the highest quality craftmanship.
Here are 5 reasons why you should love cashmere just as much as we do. 

1. It feels so good, you’ll never want to take it off.
Spun from yarn made from the super fine undercoat of Kashmir goats, cashmere always feel luxuriously soft and cosy against your skin. Cashmere also lacks lanolin, making it hypoallergenic ensuring it doesn’t feel scratchy – perfect for cuddles with your children and sensitive skin.
2. All season, all year, all rounder.
Cashmere is extremely adaptable to temperature as it absorbs and releases water vapour as humidity rises and falls. Keeping you up to 3 times warmer than wool in Winter, but allowing breathability to keep you cool in the warmer months.
3. Understated luxury
Cashmere goats can only be found in very few areas in the isolated highlands in Mongolia, Nepal or Tibet. The goats aren’t harmed in the shearing process but it can take the undercoats of 2-3 goats to spin the yarn of a single scarf; making the laborious production of this beautiful material so special.
4. Heirloom quality.
Like a good wine, good quality cashmere improves with age. With good care it will only get softer over the years – something we call heirloom quality, that you will love your sweaters forever and pass them down to your children. 
5. On trend; now and forever.
Cashmere is such a versatile yarn that can now be spun into different weights and so many different styles. We believe in timeless, classic pieces which you can wear forever and are wardrobe essentials. It’s true when they say it’s an investment piece.
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