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For those who don't visit Paddington on a regular basis, the first thought is usually The Intersection. A fabulous cluster of designer boutiques, the legendary Jackie's Cafe all in a little - literally - intersection; there's no wonder it's such a well known area. 
However there's another gem within the area, nestled away slightly further down within beautiful, quaint neighbourhoods. That is none other than Paddington Five Ways. Here are five of our favourite spots. 
five ways
Thomas Dux
220 Glenmore Road, Paddington
Not just an ordinary grocery store, Thomas Dux provides a plethora of fresh produce, organic eats, healthy or just an afternoon pick-me-up; topped with the choice of made-to-order takeaway sushi and salads. The staff are always helpful and friendly. It's the perfect place to stop by to buy your evening groceries, a fresh bunch of flowers or an afternoon (fresh!) coconut juice.  
Thomas Dux Five Ways Paddington
Tiger Mottle Espresso Deluxe
248 Glenmore Road, Paddington
Great coffee, good food and a cosy cafe - Tiger Mottle is the epitome of your perfect local for a morning coffee and brunch. It sits in an old terrace house which makes you feel like you're having breakfast in your own home. Aside from the breakfast favourites like bacon and eggs, avocado and toast; their specialty lies in their delicious coffee. Condensed milk with double ristretto poured over (The South American), a shot of maple dusted with chilli, cream and coffee (The Maple Mottle) or their infamous Mottle Shake. A must visit for coconut pancakes and a coffee hit like no other. 
Tiger Mottle Cafe Five Ways
The Royal Hotel
237 Glenmore Road, Paddington
With a view to die for, The Royal Hotel in Five Ways gives you one of Sydney's most beautiful rooftop bars. Each level housing a different vibe, you can take your pick from sipping cocktails overlooking the Sydney skyline, or just hanging out on plush velvet couches at the Elephant Bar. They also offer a seasonal food menu with your typical bar food like Hot Wings, Chicken Schnitzel and Steaks - but their dessert menu is always creative. We're dying for their Banana & Miso Cake right now. 
The Royal hotel Paddington Five Ways
Tequila Mockingbird
6 Heely Street, Five Ways 
In a beautifully restored terrace, the Tequila Mockingbird is relatively new in the neighbourhood. With executive Chef Regan Porteous and his team, they bring a menu inspired from Mexico through to Argentina with a focus on sharing plates. Their food is fresh, using quality produce with a cosy yet vibrant atmosphere which makes you want to stay all night. Our favourites are definitely their Salmon Carpaccio with a tangy passionfruit twist and their Flame Grilled Charcoal Chicken. Because, well, nothing's better than Charcoal Chicken. 
Tequila Mockingbird Bar
Steven Khalil & Pallas Couture
207 Glenmore Road / 208 Glenmore Road
The place where dream dresses are made. Sitting across from one another, Steven Khalil and Pallas Couture hold their studios in bustling Five Ways. Without a close look, it's easy to mistake them on the outside as another gorgeous terrace. No flashy signs or advertising, just subtle branding to welcome all brides-to-be or those looking for fabulous couture gowns. Think intricate beading, corsetry and grand trains to make your wedding day one to remember. 
Pallas Couture
 Steven Khalil Five Ways

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 As you know, here at Banjo & Matilda we're not girly girls so this army green tone of khaki is the perfect balance of fashionable yet chic. Our Beach Pants in Army were the wardrobe staple created by us and inspired by the looks below. With a t-shirt, heels, a sweater or even just sneakers; the army pant have been spotted on the streets and the runway for that casual laid back outfit with enough street cred to be photographed. See our favourite looks below.   
Beach Pants Army
Beach Pants Army
Beach Pants Army
Beach Pants Army
Beach Pants Army
Beach Pants Army
Beach Pants Army
Beach Pants Army

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