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Marrakech, Morocco ~ the sumptuous city of dreams. From the arid Agafay desert at its outskirts to the opulent riads within the médina, it’s a city teeming with culture and elegance and unfathomable amounts of inspiration. With rich colours and textures this city seems to live and breathe unique authenticity, culture and a wild sense of abandon. 

From the labyrinthine soil paths winding back into the bowels of the Grand Medina to the pungent spice stalls, glimmering jewellery, and silver light fixtures that cast their intricately patterned glow on colourful rugs woven by ancient Berber tribes. To discover that snake charming is real, and yes, it's taking place next to a fresh-squeezed orange juice stand in the centre of the bustling marketplace. 

On top of the conflicting smells of live animals and silky spices, above the sounds of desperate hawking merchants and street music, it's the striking imagery filled with colour and intricate detail that will take your breath away.. 

Get inspired and loose yourself in the energy, colour, contrast and culture of Marrakesh.