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Meet Luci Taffs, the latest in our series of Banjo Tribe interviews. Australian model and all round creative, Luci encapsulates quintessential Australian beauty with a European edge, with her trademark slicked back hair and stunning doe eyes she's hard to miss, plus she has the business acumen to match. Luci is a model, photographer, stylist and innovator in the online fashion field, and today we get a taste of her life, lived between the US and Australia.. Meet Luci xx 

1.What gets you out of bed every morning?

The sudden panic when I realize its 8:45 am haha… I've never been a morning person so I would have to say coffee. Strong coffee. In LA I love Coffee, Coffee or Alfreds in West Hollywood and NYC, Rubys or The Butchers Daughter...  A work out like Pilates or Circuit Training. When I'm in NYC I like to do SLT and in LA, Carries Pilates plus or Training mate. Then some kind of delicious breakfast smoothie before heading to my castings or shoot day.

2. Most rewarding part of what you do?

There are so many rewarding parts of what I do. I love my job and i love creating images that I am really proud of. In front off and behind the camera. I have recently started shooting a lot of my own personal stuff and I am loving it.

3. Favorite photographer you have worked with?

Giles Bensimon and Hans Feurer, I have always been so inspired by both of their work and they have created such iconic timeless photography, so I think both have to be a massive highlight of my career.

4. Describe your personal style?

I love my Levis i have about 100 pairs of Levis. I love white t-shirts and Levis . In the summer I wear a lot of floral vintage dresses and white sneakers and Levis cut offs, I collect them.  In the winter, leather jackets, cashmere and lot of little black dresses.  

5. What song do you have on repeat right now?

Foolish, Alpine

6. LA or NYC?

Ummm both. LA all the time. NYC in the Spring/Summer.

7.Best Part about living in LA?

There are so many great things about living in LA, people always give LA such a hard time for not being as sophisticated as NYC but this is definitely not true. It's like any city you have to explore. LA has so many different things to offer. I love getting in my car and driving and LA is the place to do it.  I also love being outdoors I think it's because I grew up in Australia. LA reminds me a lot of the Aussie lifestyle so I guess spending time at the beach, hiking, and going on road trips. 

8.Best Part about living in NY?

Walking. When I'm in NYC I walk everywhere. Each neighborhood is so unique and i love walking around and discovering what each has to offer.  You can also literally do everything in NYC. The city has endless activities this year for example I learnt to Trapeze on the high line. In NYC you have so many opportunities  to experience some of the most exciting art, theater, food from the best in the entire world.

9. Favourite place on earth? 

Australia is by far my favorite place on earth. I'm from Sydney and every year I go home for Christmas to see my family. Nothing makes me happier. Maybe I am bias but I really believe that Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

10. Where to next on your bucket list?

Marrakech, my sister was recently there and never have I been more jealous and inspired by a city.

11. Any advice for young models / photographers wanting to work in NY ?

Stick it out. NYC is brutal but is also one of my favorite places in the world. It can get really tough living in such a 'fast' place. The energy literally never ceases which can be a good and bad thing.  It takes a minute to settle in but once you find your feet you will never want to leave.

12. Where can we find you? or instagram @lucitaffs

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